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    We will be a new product, excellent quality, perfect after-sales service, in good faith with all the friends work together to create a beautiful future!

    about us
    Anhui Fuyuan Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a key professional manufacturing chemical valve business, the company is located in southern Anhui "Jing County". Due to the need in 2003 in Jingxian Development Zone expansion of 30 acres, in June 2004 put into use, the company has more than 60 employees, professional and technical personnel, is a domestic advanced technology and equipment, is the modern management level of private Technology enterprise. Fluorine Plastic Pump Series: IHF Fluorine Plastic Centrifugal Pump, FSB, FSB (D) Fluorine Plastic Centrifugal Pump...


    Excellent quality, first-class after-sales service
    Service is the extension of the function of the system, and the service sales can fully meet the needs of consumers. The market competition is increasingly focused on non price factors of competition, so the competition is also known as the two competition, where this is a great advantage of our "Fuyuan valve" competition. We not only provide you with high quality products, but also provide first-class service. We build a strong relationship based on your expectations and trust. This strategy re...

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